Our Mission

IQuS aims to improve understanding of strongly interacting, correlated matter and complex quantum systems of importance to nuclear physics and quantum information science, from the familiar to the exotic, using quantum simulations and emerging theoretical techniques where quantum entanglement and coherence are essential ingredients. Local researchers, visitors, and community-driven workshops at the Institute of Nuclear Theory, along with close connections with national laboratories and technology companies, will help create and disseminate new ideas and grow a quantum-ready workforce.

Seeking Proposals for IQuS Workshops in 2024

We are now accepting proposals for workshops to be held at IQuS during 2024 to tackle forefront challenges at the interface of quantum information science, quantum many-body physics and quantum field theory. We are particular interested in proposals aimed toward identifying unique phenomenology of quantum information that could be revealed in NP experiments, or a focus on achieving a quantum advantage for key NP observables. Please submit your proposal through this website before August 1 to be considered for workshops during 2024.


Scalable quantum circuits are used to prepare the vacuum of the Schwinger model on 100 qubits of IBM’s superconducting-qubit quantum computers

Roland Farrell, Marc Illa, Anthony Ciavarella and Martin Savage,
e-Print: 2308.04481 [quant-ph]