hands on Quantum Computing at Jefferson Lab this summer | April 1, 2023

Quantum Computing Boot Camp at JLab

Students: gain hands-on experience in simulating complex quantum systems using quantum computers. Jefferson Laboratory is hosting a quantum computing bootcamp this June.

| August 20, 2022

IQuS Workshop : Next-Generation Computing for Low-Energy Nuclear Physics: from Machine Learning to Quantum Computing

The “Next-Gen” IQuS workshop just ended. It was a great success, bringing together researchers across nuclear physics to focus on next generation computing to address research priorities. Thanks to the organizers, Zohreh Davoudi, Bira van Kolck, Silas Beane and Maria Piarulli, who brought together a diverse, engaged and motivated set of participants in an exciting […]

New graduate special topics course in quantum simulation for Standard Model physics | March 23, 2022

Special Topics Course in Quantum Information and Simulation for Scientific Applications

The UW Physics Department is offering a new advanced graduate class on quantum information and quantum simulation for scientific applications. The class will meet M,W.F throughout the Spring quarter. Classical quantum simulators will be used to explore relevant quantum circuit design.

David Kaplan awarded Feshbach Prize | October 15, 2021

UW’s David Kaplan Awarded APS’s Feshback Prize

“For multiple foundational innovations in nuclear theory, including in lattice quantum chromodynamics, effective field theories, and nuclear strangeness, and for strategic leadership to broaden participation between nuclear theory and other fields.“

David Hertzog is awarded the APS's Tom Bonner Prize | October 15, 2021

UW’s David Hertzog is awarded the APS’s Tom Bonner Prize

For advancing the frontiers of understanding nature’s fundamental symmetries via unprecedented precision studies of the muon, including its lifetime, its anomalous magnetic moment, and its measurement by the pseudoscalar coupling constant.