Call for 2022 – 2023 IQuS Workshop Proposals

We welcome proposals for in-person IQuS workshops in the Institute for Nuclear Theory (INT) of one or two week duration during 2022 and 2023 to focus on topics at the interface of nuclear physics, quantum simulation and more generally quantum information science. IQuS workshops are intended to bring together a cross-disciplinary group of approximately 20 researchers from diverse backgrounds and career stages to address immediate challenges that require “collective brainstorming” in an immersive environment. Of particular interest are topics and structures that have the potential to lead to disruptive advances in the simulation of quantum many-body systems and are likely to enable knowledge transfer within and between diverse communities and career stages. Proposals will be selected based upon evaluations by the Scientific Advisory Board in coordination with IQuS scientists.

Proposals should be submitted by May 15 or December 15 of this year. Sometime after, we will inform you of the outcome of our discussions.

We recommend addressing each of the required fields in an off-line document, such as Word, and pasting the text for all fields into the form at once (to avoid browser timeouts and other that might “vanish” some of your work.