January 2023
June 2023
Jun 12 - 23 2023

Quantum Computing, Quantum Simulation, Quantum Gravity and the Standard Model

Organizers: Hrant Gharibyan (Caltech),  Masanori Hanada (U. of Surrey), Junyu Liu (U. of Chicago), Enrico Rinaldi (U. of Michigan), Yuan Su (Google), Brian Swingle (U. of Maryland). We aim to identify important problems in quantum gravity that can benefit from quantum simulation and also lead to new directions in the simulation of Standard Model physics, identify concrete steps, estimate realistic time frames, and draw a road map.
Institute for Nuclear Theory
September 2023
Sep 11 - 22 2023

Bridging the gap: Thermalization, from Cold Atoms to Hot Quantum Chromodynamics

Organizers: Alexey Gorshkov (U. of Maryland, NIST, QuICS, JQI), Niklas Mueller (U. of Maryland), Raju Venugopalan (BNL, C2QA), Nicole Yunger Halpern (U. of Maryland, NIST, QuICS, JQI, IPST). The workshop will cover interdisciplinary aspects of topics such as Eigenstate Thermalization and Many-Body Localization, Entanglement Structure and Tomography, and Quantum Thermodynamics.
Institute for Nuclear Theory
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