Bringing people together to exchange ideas, to create, and to gain deeper understandings of nuclear physics, quantum information and quantum simulation is at the core of the InQubator. Visiting researchers from diverse backgrounds and expertise, join with local researchers to address cutting edge issues in quantum simulations of quantum many-body systems and field theories.

We are seeking community-driven proposals for 1-week or 2 week workshops to bring together a diverse group of ~20 experts from universities, labs and tech companies to address key challenges in simulating quantum many-body systems and field theories. Our workshops will be held in the Institute for Nuclear Theory (INT) spacetime, and visitors will have access to offices, desks, interaction spaces, and seminar room.

Proposals for workshops focused on topics with a high potential for disruptive gains are preferred. Our Scientific Advisory Board, in consultation with IQuS faculty, will review proposals and select workshops/programs to accelerate advances in quantum simulations.

Covid-19 has delayed our in-person workshops until late 2021. We anticipate a modest number of virtual meetings prior to in-person meetings for this reason.