About Us

The InQubator for Quantum Simulations of Quantum Systems (IQuS) is intended to advance quantum algorithms and simulations for observables that are important to nuclear physics research and which will also accelerate progress in areas of quantum information science (QIS). It is embedded in the University of Washington (UW) Physics Department, along with the Institute for Nuclear Theory (INT) and the Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics (CENPA). Pursuing collaborations with technology companies, start-ups, and national laboratories, and lively visitor and workshop programs, will enable these advances  while contributing to the future quantum-ready workforce. Junior, mid-career, and senior scientists will be co-located at the UW,  in which visiting experts will be immersed during workshops and longer visits. A main focus of IQuS will be to advance the integration of quantum information science and quantum field theory techniques, both analytic, algorithms and high-performance classical computing, which will be of significant mutual benefit to research in nuclear physics and other domain sciences, and the development of quantum computers, and quantum information science.

In coordination with the INT, we anticipate hosting four weeks of community-proposed/driven workshops in the INT space. These workshops are to bring together a diverse community of researchers to brainstorm topics that have the potential for disruptive change in support of both the nuclear physics research mission and the National Quantum Initiative (particular in support of activities at the recently formed NQI Centers). Proposals for these workshops can be submitted using this website.