Emma Beane

Visitor (Spring 2023)

Quantum Information and Quantum Computing

Fabio Anza

Research Assistant Professor (2020-2022)


Quantum Thermodynamics
Quantum Information

Jesse Stryker

Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Maryland (2020-2023)
Postdoctoral Fellow at tLBNL HEP (2023-present)

Natalie Klco

Burke Postdoctoral Fellow at Caltech (2019-2022)
Assistant Professor of Physics, Duke University (2022-present)

Abhishek Rajput

Joint IQuS-Toronto PhD student (2018-2023)
PhaseCraft (UK) (2023-)

Quantum Simulation of field theories

Peter Ehlers

PhD Student (2017-2022)
Postdoctoral Fellow UofA (2023-)

Entanglement in QFT

Anthony Ciavarella

IQuS-PhD Student (2017-2023)
Postdoctoral Fellow LBNL HEP

Quantum Simulation of Field Theories

Stephan Caspar

IQuS-FermiLab Quantized Postdoctoral Fellow (2019-2023)

Bose-Einstein condensation
Chern-Simons-Yang-Mills lattice models

Alessandro Roggero

Research Assistant Professor (2018-2021)
Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Trento

Quantum Simulation of inelastic nuclear processes
Neutrinos in dense matter
Quantum Computing and Algorithms
Quantum Monte Carlo
Effective Field Theory

Hersh Singh

FermiLab Quantized Postdoctoral Fellow (2020-2023)
Postdoctoral Fellow at FermiLab (2023-)


Spin Systems
Quantum Algorithms
Quantum Computing