Xiaojun Yao

Research Assistant Professor (2022-)


Open quantum systems
Quantum simulation of lattice gauge theory
Quarkonia and jets in high energy collisions
Eigenstate thermalization

Niklas Mueller

Research Assistant Professor (2022-)


Quantum Simulation and algorithms
Entanglement Structure and Tomography
Thermalization and Non-equilibrium phenomena
Topological Phases

Dorota Grabowska

Research Assistant Professor (2022-)

Quantum Simulations of Quantum Field Theories
Elementary Particle Physics

Kenneth Roche

Affiliate Associate Professor
Staff Scientist @ PNNL


High Performance Computing
Quantum Monte Carlo
Fundamentals of Computing
Quantum many-body simulations

David B. Kaplan

Senior Fellow in the Institute for Nuclear Theory
Professor of Physics
Co-PI: InQubator for Quantum Simulation

dbkaplan@uw.edu | (206) 685-3546

Entanglement and Symmetries
Lattice gauge field theory for classical computing and quantum devices

Martin J. Savage

Professor of Physics
PI: InQubator for Quantum Simulation (IQuS)


Quantum Simulations of Standard Model physics
Entanglement in many-body systems, neutrinos, and strong interactions
Lattice Gauge Theory
Effective Field Theory

Silas R. Beane

Professor of Physics
Co-PI: InQubator for Quantum Simulation


Entanglement in Few-Body Systems
Geometric Quantum Mechanics
Lattice Gauge Theory for Nuclear Physics
Effective Field Theory for Nuclear and Atomic Physics