Quantum Error Mitigation for Particle and Nuclear Physics (22-1b)

Organizers: Benjamin Nachman (LBNL), Christian Bauer (LBNL) , Wibe de Jong (LBNL), Kristan Temme (IBM), Abhinav Kandala (IBM) and Raphael Pooser (ORNL).

Initialization, gate, and readout errors are a significant challenge for making the most use of near term quantum computers for particle and nuclear physics applications. The goal of this workshop is to discuss the challenges, solutions, and prospects of quantum error mitigation for benchmark measurements. While many mitigation schemes are generic, we aim to discuss how they behave and can be potentially adapted to particle/nuclear physics applications. There are also physics-tailored approaches for building in robustness to quantum algorithms for particle and nuclear physics. As such, we will bring together domain experts and other quantum computing practitioners working on error mitigation.




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May 02 - 13 2022
Institute for Nuclear Theory


Institute for Nuclear Theory
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