At the Interface of Quantum Sensors and Quantum Simulations (22-3b)

Organizers: Doug Beck (UIUC), Natalie Klco (Caltech), Crystal Noel (UMD) and Joel Ullom (NIST)


The tools for control and manipulation of quantum systems are advancing rapidly.  In this workshop we focus on quantum sensors, simulation platforms and simulations. Sensing in the form of detection plays an essential role in all quantum simulations; the tools of the simulation platforms are increasingly being used as sensors. We will explore their common characteristics and the ways in which developments in one area can benefit those in the other.

Note: This workshop will be in-person only (with COVID precautions as appropriate)


Confirmed participants include:

Ulrik Andersen (Denmark TU), Zohreh Davoudi (UMD), David Leibrandt (NIST Boulder), Sara Mouradian (UW), Guido Pagano (Rice), Alice Sinatra (ENS), Danielle Speller (JHU), Tanja Zelevinsky (Columbia), Mengzhen Zhang (Chicago), Sisi Zhou (Caltech), Quntao Zhuang (Arizona), Peter Zoller (Innsbruck).

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At the Interface of Quantum Sensors and Simulations

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Nov 07 - 18 2022
Institute for Nuclear Theory


Institute for Nuclear Theory
Pacific and 15th

Location 2

University of Washington PHYS/ASTR Building, Seattle, WA 98195


Q_Sensors 2022 Team - Doug Beck, Natalie Klco, Crystal Noel and Joel Ullom