Bridging the gap: Thermalization, from Cold Atoms to Hot Quantum Chromodynamics

Organizers: Alexey Gorshkov (U. of Maryland, NIST, QuICS, JQI), Niklas Mueller (U. of Maryland), Raju Venugopalan (BNL, C2QA), Nicole Yunger Halpern (U. of Maryland, NIST, QuICS, JQI, IPST)

Quantum computation and simulation promise rapid advances in understanding quantum thermalization, a challenging topic driving many fields. This workshop aims to initiate an interdisciplinary conversation between researchers from high energy and nuclear physics, ultra-cold atomic and molecular gases, condensed matter physics and quantum information science. Its goal is to overcome challenges by exchanging ideas and concepts, as well as developing tools such as lattice gauge theory, aimed at phenomena surrounding quantum thermalization, from a theoretical and experimental perspective. The workshop will cover interdisciplinary aspects of topics such as Eigenstate Thermalization and Many-Body Localization, Entanglement Structure and Tomography, and Quantum Thermodynamics.


Sep 11 - 22 2023


All Day
Institute for Nuclear Theory


Institute for Nuclear Theory
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