Quantum Computing, Quantum Simulation, Quantum Gravity and the Standard Model

Organizers: Hrant Gharibyan (Caltech), Masanori Hanada (U. of Surrey), Junyu Liu (U. of Chicago),  Enrico Rinaldi (U. of Michigan), Yuan Su (Google), Brian Swingle (U. of Maryland).



We aim to identify important problems in quantum gravity that can benefit from quantum simulation and also lead to new directions in the simulation of Standard Model physics, identify concrete steps, estimate realistic time frames, and draw a road map. We mainly consider holographic approaches, which have deep connections to QIS, and in particular, large-N gauge theories and matrix models. Those theories and QCD have common aspects, and hence, close communication between holography and Standard Model practitioners is anticipated to lead to fruitful outcomes. We wish to stimulate interaction between researchers from different backgrounds (quantum gravity, Standard Model physics, and QIS) and kick-start quantum simulation for quantum gravity.


Jun 12 - 23 2023


All Day
Institute for Nuclear Theory


Institute for Nuclear Theory
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