UW-PHYSICS-QIS : Lukasz Fidkowski

Lukasz Fidkowski, UW Department of Physics



Title: How Dynamical Quantum Memories Forget
Abstract: Making local measurements on an entangled quantum many-body state is expected to reduce quantum entanglement.  However, recently it was found that in the thermodynamic limit it is possible to robustly protect quantum entanglement from continuous local measurements.  I will discuss a simplified model of a repeatedly measured interacting many-body quantum system, and show how it preserves entanglement up to time exponential in the number of degrees of freedom, after which the state purifies.  I will also show that in a model of free fermions, purification occurs in polynomial time, consistent with the idea that interactions are crucial for preserving the entanglement.


Oct 11 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
C421 Physics and Astronomy Building


C421 Physics and Astronomy Building