UW-PHYSICS-QIS : Arka Majumdar

Arka Majumdar: Photonic coupled cavity array for quantum simulation

Over the last two decades our capabilities to design and enhance light-matter interactions has dramatically increased, thanks to extraordinary advances in nanofabrication, electromagnetic simulation, and novel materials engineering. With semiconductor foundries, it is now possible to create large-scale integrated silicon/ silicon nitride photonic circuits, with independent control of all components. Additionally, going beyond self-assembled quantum dots or defect centers, which are plagued with the problem of uncontrollably random positions, we can deterministically place solution processed quantum emitters or monolayer van der Waals materials on prefabricated photonic structures. This provides a tremendous opportunity to scale solid-state photonic systems using commercial foundries and integrating emerging low-dimensional materials on them. Through wavelength-scale structuring, we can confine both photons and electrons at sub-wavelength length-scales, providing opportunities to achieve single photon nonlinear optics. In this talk, I will describe our recent effort on topological bath engineering using coupled cavity arrays. I will also talk about integration of atomically thin monolayer materials and solution processed materials on these cavities, with potential to reach strong optical nonlinearity.



Jan 10 2023


1:30 am - 2:30 pm
C421 Physics and Astronomy Building


C421 Physics and Astronomy Building