UW-PHYSICS-QIS : Arthur Barnard

Probing interactions in quantum materials and vibrating molecular strings – Arthur Barnard



The quantum and nanometer-scale worlds are full of surprises: despite our understanding of the basic forces and interactions of atoms, electrons, and photons, there are numerous cases where interparticle interactions lead to complex behaviors that challenge our intuition. Understanding these cases is at the forefront of condensed matter physics and is crucial for advancing societally relevant quantum and nanomechanical technologies.  Here I will discuss efforts within the Classical and Quantum Nano-Systems Lab, wherein we build novel scanning probe tools to interrogate interactions in quantum materials and nanomechanical systems. We are working towards probing: (1) molecular string vibrations using photonic cavities and (2) electronic transport in 2D van der Waals materials using capacitive probes. With molecular strings (nanotubes, DNA, etc.), we are seeking to understand the peculiar thermodynamics of nanoscale and quantum systems. With van der Waals materials, we are working to understand the mechanisms that drive electrons to organize themselves into novel quantum states.





Feb 21 2023


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
C421 Physics and Astronomy Building


C421 Physics and Astronomy Building