Hybridized Methods for Quantum Simulation in the Interaction Picture

Conventional methods of quantum simulation involve trade-offs that limit their applicability to specific contexts where their use is optimal. This paper demonstrates how different simulation methods can be hybridized to improve performance for interaction picture simulations over known algorithms. These approaches show asymptotic improvements over the individual methods that comprise them and further make interaction picture simulation methods practical in the near term. Physical applications of these hybridized methods yields a gate complexity scaling as log²Λ in the electric cutoff Λ for the Schwinger Model and independent of the electron density for collective neutrino oscillations, outperforming the scaling for all current algorithms with these parameters. For the general problem of Hamiltonian simulation subject to dynamical constraints, these methods yield a query complexity independent of the penalty parameter λ used to impose an energy cost on time-evolution into an unphysical subspace.