Nuclear two point correlation functions on a quantum computer

The calculation of dynamic response functions are expected to be an early application benefiting from rapidly developing quantum hardware resources. The ability to calculate real-time quantities of strongly-correlated quantum systems is one of the most exciting applications that can easily reach beyond the capabilities of traditional classical hardware. Response functions of fermionic systems at moderate momenta and energies corresponding roughly to the Fermi energy of the system are a potential early application because the relevant operators are nearly local and the energies can be resolved in moderately short real time, reducing the spatial resolution and gate depth required.

This is particularly the case in quasielastic electron and neutrino scattering from nuclei, a topic of great interest in the nuclear and particle physics communities and directly related to experiments designed to probe neutrino properties. In this work we use current hardware to calculate response functions for a highly simplified nuclear model through calculations of a 2-point real time correlation function for a Fermi-Hubbard model in two dimensions with three distinguishable nucleons on four lattice sites on current quantum hardware, and evaluate current error mitigation strategies.