Quantum Simulation of Lattice QCD with Improved Hamiltonians

Quantum simulations of lattice gauge theories are anticipated to directly probe the real time dynamics of QCD, but scale unfavorably with the required truncation of the gauge fields. Improved Hamiltonians are derived to correct for the effects of gauge field truncations on the SU(3) Kogut-Susskind Hamiltonian. It is shown in 1+1D that this enables low chromo-electric field truncations to quantitatively reproduce features of the untruncated theory over a range of couplings and quark masses. In 3+1D, an improved Hamiltonian is derived for lattice QCD with staggered massless fermions. It is shown in the strong coupling limit that the spectrum qualitatively reproduces aspects of two flavor QCD and simulations of a small system are performed on IBM’s Perth quantum processor.